Saturday, July 26, 2014

COMM 7728 Remix Project - Math Rap

When our professor informed us that we had to create a remix project with a partner for our content area, I knew exactly what I wanted to and who I wanted to work with.  +Amy Paskov and I have worked together on previous projects.  As math teachers, we love our subject area and we know what our students would like to use in class to help them with math.

Our professor referenced School House Rock as an example of what she wanted us to create.  My 8th graders actually love School House Rock, but they also like the YouTube videos created by Westerville High School in Ohio that feature math raps.  I knew Amy would go along with my idea and help me create a math rap animated video.

We both attempted to download apps that took our voices or text and converted them to a rap.  I even attempted to do the rap myself, but boy was it awful!  Thankfully we found that Go Animate provided a text to voice feature and although it wasn't Tupac or JayZ sounding, it didn't turn out so bad in the end.

Honestly one of the best parts of completing the project was collaborating with Amy through a Google Doc on the lyrics.  We should consider copyrighting the lyrics to ensure no one else tries to use it as their own creation!  This was another example of how we can use the tools and resources that we learned about during our IT&DML courses to create online material that our students can use.

The following is a link to the Go Animate video we created together:  Solving Two Step Equations Go Animate Rap Video.  Thank you +Amy Paskov for purchasing an account which allowed us to make a video over 30 seconds.  If we were to ever incorporate this type of activity in class, a free 30 second video would be perfect for our students!

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