Saturday, January 18, 2014

Online Teaching Tool Tutorial: Engrade - ED 722

When I was trying to decide what online teaching tool I was going to learn and create a tutorial for I asked teachers in my school what they would want to learn.  Even though our school uses PowerSchool to submit grades for our students, a good number of teachers wanted to learn how to use Engrade to keep track of grades and create online quizzes for their students.  Since I wanted to learn something that I could help others with, I decided to create a tutorial for Engrade.

Engrade is a free resource for teachers that allows them to create classes, a gradebook, online quizzes, and other resources.  I enjoyed learning how to use the website and plan on implementing it into my classes by creating online quizzes for my students to use.  In addition, I would like to see if my 8th grade team partners would like to start using the site as well to have the students take online quizzes for them and create flashcards for upcoming assessments.

Please feel free to view my tutorial:

In addition I have added a new page to my digital learning hub for tutorials: Mrs. Ferry Tech to Teach - Tutorials Page  I plan on adding addition tutorials as I become more proficient with use of Screencast-O-Matic.  I ended up upgrading to the pro account because I do believe I will use it a good amount in the future.  Also, my husband wants to learn how to create tutorials for his football players as well.

Any comments and critiques are greatly appreciated and welcomed.

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