Saturday, January 11, 2014

Distance Learning = Endless Possibilities ED 722

As I continue to read more about distance/online learning, I get excited both as a student and as an educator.  As a student, I truly believe I will be a lifelong learner with the variety of online courses that are available to anyone.  With the increased popularity of online courses, there is more a of demand for them to reach different types of learners.  As a student that is wonderful news, because there is no longer a concern that online learning is only for one type of learner, rather instructors are becoming more aware of different learning styles that need to be incorporated into online courses.

As an educator, there is such a variety of resources available to help me design and implement an online course it almost seems foolproof.  The best practices of other educators provide insight for anyone who is looking to use online as a platform for their classroom.

At times I almost wonder why public schools aren't providing online courses available to their students more frequently.  Imagine a room full of high school sophomores taking a free online course from Stanford University!  Although they would not get college credit, but what a great way for their school to prepare them for college by giving them an opportunity to take online college courses from a prestigious university.

The following Storify that I put together has a few links that capture the best practices of online course development and how different schools of thoughts are used to created the courses and instruction.

Elizabeth Ferry - Storify Distance Learning Schools of Learning


  1. Loved Daphne Koeller. Very inspirational. I believe education should be free!

    1. I was so excited to find the video from Daphne Koeller. It was very interesting and had a great connection to what we are studying now.