Thursday, July 18, 2013

Networked Learning Project - Part One: My lifelong dream of becoming a photographer.

In my second life I want to be a professional photographer.  My husband actually believes I have an addiction to photography in this life, actually to cameras not photography.  You see every year or two I say that I need a new camera.  I go out and buy a new, fancy digital camera with all these great features and different modes to take pictures with, but I only end up ever using the automatic mode.  I never take the time to learn how to really use the cameras.

For my networked learning project I have decided to learn how use my digital cameras to their fullest.  I want to learn how to take pictures like a professional photographer and save some money on paying someone to take pictures of my family.

This motivation comes from having family portraits done this past month while visiting family in Ohio.  We paid my sister's friend $75.00 to spend an hour with our family and take pictures.  I was not aware that she was actually a teacher until I asked her long she had been a professional photographer.  She responded with, "Oh I am actually not a photographer, I just read my manual to my camera and take pictures for fun."

FOR FUN!  FOR FUN!  $75.00 an hour FOR FUN!  My first thought was I could do this....FOR FUN!

Why this would be perfect for my networked learning project?

I am more of a watch a video, read a few website type of learner instead of reading my manual.  I like to see examples and pictures of how to use things instead of reading words, if that makes any sense.  I figured this project will force me to learn the ins and outs of my camera and help me with my lifelong dream of becoming a photographer.  Or at least taking pictures as a hobby for fun!

Wish me luck!

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  1. This is awesome. I hope you (and I know you will) document all of this across your journey.

    Please also document and share everything that you might be supporting other photogs out there.