Friday, July 26, 2013

Cooking with TPACK

The following is a video of my cooking with TPACK project.  Boy was it an interesting project to take part in.  Of course I found out afterwards that my husband had seen this type of project from an 092 course he took a few years back.  He intentionally picked my son's plate, bowl and utensil because he thought it would be funny to see me use them to make something.

I have to report that he was pleasantly surprised by my results!  I hope you enjoy.


  1. Elizabeth, yes I did enjoy your TPACK video. I too, had a family member who thought it would be funny to make this activity challenging by choosing different utensils. Nice tie in with starting your school day with a plan a and b just in case a technology fails.

  2. Excellent job!!! I love the choice of instruments, especially the Spork. I like the way that you editorialize in the video and discuss how you're thinking about your son and he'll appreciate the fruit salad...and how the tools you're using are being affected by the choice of tools.

    I especially appreciate the comment near the end about what you would "like to", or would have preferred to have used...but it didn't end up the way that you thought it would have. You'll always have plan a, or plan b as a contingency plan.

    Great work!!!

  3. Your husband gave you a challenge but you rose to the occasion. Great video!