Sunday, July 14, 2013

Educational Philosophy

Throughout the past six years I have been asked to write my educational philosophy numerous times.  Some of the writings were for past courses I took and others were for professional development workshops.  I have noticed that none of my past philosophies are exactly alike, but they all share a common theme.  As I experience more things as an educator and as technology changes, I have found that I tweak my philosophy to adapt to the experiences and changes.
Please enjoy reading my philosophy and I welcome any comments or suggestions.
Elizabeth Ferry's Educational Philosophy:
I believe that teachers in the twenty-first century hold a multitude of roles in the classroom.  When I was a student, I only saw teachers as primarily educators in a specific subject area.  Now that I am an educator, I realize that I am viewed not only as a teacher, but also as a role model, counselor, and parental figure.
Every teacher brings something more than the knowledge of the subject matter to their classroom.  Teachers leave lasting impressions on students.  Whether an individual had another profession before teaching or has always been a teacher, they have had more life experiences then all of the students.  Teachers should share their life experiences with their classrooms and express to the students that there are endless possibilities for them out in the world.  
According to John Dewey, education is acquired through the experience of the learner and the teacher.  If the teacher has experiences that can enhance the students' learning, they should use those experiences in their classroom.  In addition, teachers should provide students with tools that are available for them to have new experiences. 
Advances in technology allow students today to receive information quicker then ever before.  Teachers should use technology to introduce information and knowledge to their students.  It is also the responsibility of teachers to help the students learn to use technology to further their education.
As a teacher, I felt it was my duty to further my education and that is why I decided to complete the 6th year certification program for Instructional Technology and Digital Media Literacy.  I am aware that technology today can provide our students with an endless amount information that I could not provide to them during a typical class.  The IT&DML courses will enable me to bring the necessary skills into my classroom to better prepare and educate my students for their futures.  In addition, I hope to share my experiences with my fellow teachers to encourage them to utilize technology in their classrooms as well.

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