Saturday, April 12, 2014

ED 7726 - Week 2 Technology Lesson

This week through my ED 7726 I had the opportunity to pretend I was a technology leader for a school.  As the technology leader, I was responsible for making recommendations on a lesson and helping a teacher embed technology into their lesson.  As I was making my recommendations I was keeping in mind the Substitution Augmentation Modification Redefinition (SAMR) model designed by Dr. Ruben Puentedura.

If you are not familiar with SAMR, it is a model that offers educators a way to see how they can embed technology into their lessons.  The substitution portion of the model provides teachers with ideas where they can substitute technology in for common practices used in the classroom.  Instead of note taking in a notebook, teachers can have students take notes using a resource such as Simplenote or another online note taking resource.  The important part of the substitution portion is that the teaching and learning does not change due to the implementation of the technology.

The augmentation portion of the model is very similar to substitution.  Prior to cloud computing, many teachers used Microsoft word to create worksheets and handouts for class.  Now teachers are able to create the same resources but using Google Docs.  They can choose the print out the worksheets or they can share the item with their students online if they too have Google accounts.  The sharing of the worksheet is not changing how the teaching or learning is occurring, rather it is providing an alternative way for the students to receive the activity while using technology.

When teachers venture into using the modification portion of the model that is where they will begin to see the teaching and learning change slightly.  With modification, students are able to use technology to have a personal stake in what is produced and learned in the classroom.  While providing recommendations to the lesson I chose to look at for my task this week, I realized that the teacher was initially using the modification stage in the model when she created her lesson.  She was having students work in groups to create a multimedia presentation on the topic of operations with integers.  The students were to choose a topic about integers and create a slide show demonstrating how to solve a problem of that specific topic.  Having the students use a slide show presentation was a way for the teacher to modify the lesson using technology.  She could have simply had the students stand in front of the class and give a lesson, but instead she chose to use technology.

The final portion of the model is redefinition.  In this portion, teachers embed technology to take their students' learning to a level that would not be possible without technology.  A great example of redefinition can be seen again in the lesson I reviewed this week.  After the presentations were complete, students could share their presentation with other students not only in their own classroom and school, but also with students in other schools in other states and countries.  There are a variety of online resources available that can match schools and students up with one another to connect students and allow them to collaborate using the Internet.  

Prior to conducting my review this week, I spent some time researching the SAMR model.  There are many websites that provide excellent ideas for teachers on how to embed technology into their classrooms by using the SAMR model.  The following is a list of only a few that I found that I believe would be very beneficial to any teacher:
Educators Technology Website: SAMR Model resources (This resource also has a variety of images that outline the SAMR model)  

The following pictograph is one of many images that can be found on the site listed above.  This graphic was created by Jackie Gerstein.  The following link will take you to her article: SAMR as a Framework for Moving Towards Education 3.0.  It is in this article that she uses the graphic that she created below to to discuss the SAMR model.

After I spent time researching the SAMR model and reading a study written by Barbara Means that focused on the use of technology and the effects it has on student learning:  Technology and Education Change: Focus on Student Learning, I chose to review a lesson from a Pre-Algebra teacher.  Instead of rewriting the lesson in a different format, I decided to annotate the original lesson.  I did this because if I ever were to become a technology leader in a school, I would not want to rewrite teachers' lessons, rather I would want to make notes and annotate on their original lesson where they could make changes or improvements.

I reached out to three of my fellow colleagues in my ED 7726 course to support me with my review.  Thanks to them, I feel I made very good suggestions and recommendations on how to better utilize technology with the lesson.  In addition, I particularly chose the lesson because I teach Pre-Algebra and could see myself teaching the exact same lesson in my class.  The following link will direct to the annotated version of the lesson with the comments provided by myself and my support system: ED 7726 Annotated Technology Lesson - Elizabeth Ferry  

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