Friday, April 4, 2014

ED 7724 Introduction - Week 1

Hello everyone!  My name is Elizabeth Ferry and I am currently an 8th grade math teacher at Mauro-Sheridan Interdistrict Magnet School in New Haven, CT.  This is my sixth year teaching.  Prior to becoming a teacher, I was a military officer in the United States Coast Guard.

My husband and I both attended a service academy and after our five year military commitment we decided to leave the military to work in education.  We have an amazing son named Vincent who will be three in less than two weeks and an active puggle named Brady.  Our lives have and always will be dedicated to serving others.

My first experience with integrating Assistive Technology actually occurred before I was a teacher in my sister's classroom.  When I was still serving in the Coast Guard, I would visit her students when I was home on leave.  During my visits I would read to them a book and help co-teach a lesson.  One time, my sister had a student who required the use of a classroom microphone.  Although I felt like I was on Star Search, (for those who remember that show), I really enjoyed using it with a large group of class.  Although I have not had much experience since that time with a classroom microphone, there have been days when I wished I had it in my classroom.

My experience is very limited with other uses of Assistive Technology.  We have utilized the use of tablets, laptops, and Ipad Apps for certain students, but these uses were more for differentiation and not for an accommodation requirement in accordance with an IEP.  I have found that any student can benefit from the use of Assistive Technology as long as it is integrated properly and with purpose.  Money of course is always an issue and after looking at the syllabus I am very excited to research grant opportunities!  I am looking forward to another great course!

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