Sunday, August 4, 2013

Networked Learning Project - Blog 3

My primary focus this last week was to master the action mode and kids mode on the digital camera.  I like that I am using my PLNs to gather the information that I want to find out about digital cameras.  Pinterest has a nice category about photography, but you really need to search exactly what you are looking for to filter out information that does not apply to your interest.  Here is an image of a small piece of what I found when using Pinterest to help with this project:

I also watched a great video from YouTube about the action mode on my camera.  Although it is from the website, I do not feel like a dummy!

I hit a few hurdles this week though with my progress.  First, my subjects were not cooperative, i.e. my dog and son.  At first my son thought it was great that I was trying to take his picture, but then he wanted his own camera and tried bossing me around the room and taking pictures of me.  Of course he is two, so his finger was over the shutter most of the time.  I was actually worried he would take better pictures than me.  Then I would have felt like a dummy!

I did manage to get a few pictures of him with the kids mode, but I want to practice more before I publish any.  What I learned is that the kids mode is very similar to the portrait mode on my camera, except it accentuates the colors a bit more since kids are usually in more vibrant clothing and around brighter backgrounds.  Initially when I saw a kids mode I thought it was more of an action type of mode, but after researching it, I found that although my son is constantly active, the mode is not made for action shots!

My second hurdle was my action pictures.  I still have not mastered the timing with my shots.  Timing is almost everything with the action mode and I need to keep in mind my shutter lag and try to almost figure out when the perfect shot is going to happen second before it actually happens.  If I can do that I think I will be able to capture a few great nice action shots of either one or both of my subjects.

Wish me luck and hopefully in my final product you will see these two more modes mastered!

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