Sunday, March 16, 2014

Student Work Curation and Global Learning - ED 722

The buzz around my school lately has been accreditation.  We are currently finishing our packet and getting ready to send it to the committee that will be visiting our school in May.  Part of the process is compiling evidence that demonstrates what are students are doing in our classes.  In addition we are making sure that our student work is displayed inside and outside our classrooms.

As a math teacher I have been thinking long and hard about how to display my student work.  I have used Pinterest to find ideas of what other math teachers are doing so that the work just doesn't look like paper stapled to a wall.  My students enjoy it when I use decorations or even simply just borders or labels to display their work.  It is obvious to me that the quality of work that they produced is much better when they know someone besides myself will see it.

Since there is an evidence room for the accreditation visit, I asked my principal if we could have more than just stacks of paper and bins of work to show off our students' work.  I told her that we should have a laptop with scrolling pictures of our hallways throughout the year to show the different bulletin boards.  We could also have links to videos and other digital projects that our students have created.  As a technology school our students have a digital portfolio of all work that they created since kindergarten.  In my opinion, these portfolios would be the best evidence we could use to display our students' work.

Technology can be used to not only display student work in school, but it is also a great way to share with the world what our students do everyday.  The Internet provides teachers with a "giant bulletin board" that allows them to share what is going on inside their classrooms with other classrooms around the world.  I can only imagine the care and quality of work that my students would complete if they knew that the world was going to see it.

I also think it would be helpful for my students to use the Internet to see what other students around the world are doing in their classes.  Through the ED 726 Global Literacy course and the readings this week, I have learned about amazing programs that are available that can connect my students on a global level.  I was very impressed when reading the article: International Perspective of K-12 Online Learning.  The article highlighted many countries that encourage online learning.  I was not aware that many of the countries participated in particular programs.  In the future, I hope to use some of the programs mentioned to encourage global learning in my classroom.

I created the following Storify that explains creative ways to display student work:  Storify - Displaying Student Work.  The Storify contains links to different websites and blogs that give excellent and creative ideas on how to display student work.  In addition, there are links to articles that describes how to display student work online.  There is also an example of a website that shows art work created by K-12 students.

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