Saturday, February 8, 2014

Week 6 - To Cloud or Not to Cloud: A Reflection on Cloud Based Learning

I love when my assignments for my IT&DML courses align so perfectly with what is happening in my real life.  Just recently I had a discussion with my school's technology coordinator about purchasing Chromebooks for each of our 8th graders.  The primary focus of our discussion was the concern with cloud computing.  This concern was not so much if it would work, because we have seen examples where it can work, but really the safety concerns that we have for our students' information.

The following articles provided background on the safety and security concerns with cloud computing:
The Year in Privacy
Cloud Technology Forecast
Cloud Learning in the K-12 System

I shared these resources with my technology coordinator and we discussed the areas of focus that we need to have before we implement cloud computing throughout our school.  As of right now, our schools has student work folders on a server that is run by the district.  You can only get information from the folders when you are logged onto a computer in the school district.  We want to expand the opportunity for our students to continue their work and their learning outside of school.  By implementing cloud computing, our students' education does not have to stop when they learn a district building.

In order to continue my research in cloud computing, I went onto Storify and looked for information that talked about schools that are using this method in their district.  Below is my Storify with description below each link that describe the content and the relationship it has to this topic.  In addition, I found the Fordham University study on privacy and cloud computing in schools to be very beneficial for any school district to look at before making the discussion whether or not to use cloud computing with their students.

To Cloud or Not to Cloud - Storify

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