Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Response Week 4 - Visual Profiling

For this week's response I wanted to practice using Google Slides and Hangouts on Air.  The following is a presentation of my response for week 4 for EDU 718.  Enjoy!


  1. I really enjoyed your narration of this work. You were so imaginative in the creation, and execution of the idea. The combination of voice and aesthetics was genius.

  2. This was user friendly for an old person like me, and I thank you for that! The combination of visuals plus the audio made your points easy to follow. Your personal experience with uniforms and their impact really added to our discussion about the power of visual stereotyping and first impressions.

  3. Hi! I started watching this yesterday and it disappeared while I was watching! lol Glad it is back. I'm a bit envious you did this before was thinking of using a slideshow this week, but I felt way too passionate about this weeks posts and wanted to be able to edit myself...

    Wonderful role modeling of care of uniform and pride of wearing one! I am a Navy father served 20 years, retired LTCDR. I too am very patriotic, and am often floored by other people's attitudes. Love your comments about appreciation...I think we've lost this and I am very worried about our government lately though. Thanks for sharing this.

  4. I love how you modeled the use of the uniform in your two schools. What a powerful lesson for your students!
    I also agree how we often make judgments of parents based on the way the children are dressed. I hear comments about this nearly every day, but how do we know that the parents are actually "allowing" the type of dress that we see?
    Excellent, engaging presentation!